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Let me tell you a little about our bags and then the team...

Boho Round Rattan Bags

All our bags are handmade, with eco-friendly atta rattan and leather. Our products were designed to be organic, recyclable and natural.   Master craftspeople use traditional Indonesian weaving techniques over the course of three weeks to a month to produce each beautiful round rattan bag.  

Originally used by communities in Bali, Indonesia, rattan is a natural, renewable material that helps prevent forests from degradation. This is an eco-friendly bag you can feel great about!  The accents are woven, not glued to ensure a high quality and keep the bag as natural as possible.

When you wear the bag not only will you look stunning and have a great talking point but you will also have peace of mind that you are helping preserve a traditional art.     

Our bags have a certain type of style.  Like the wearer, the bag is stylish, chic and understated at first glance but, look a little deeper and you will see all sorts of intriguing layers.   Wear it to any occasion and notice how interesting people ask intriguing questions about you and your bag.

Bali home of the round rattan bag

The team

Ten years ago I met my husband in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We both had a passion for travel and love of finding exotic gems.  We want to share the beautiful things we find with the world.  We started Chic Indah in 2017, after bring gifts back to the UK from our trips to Asia.  Our friends and family loved the gifts we gave them so much we decided to open a small shop.  Others liked our wares and we started developing a website which we are now proud to share with you. We hope you like it and we will be with you in part on your journey.  

We want to bring the free spirited, Asian design flair to the well developed West.  We offer all our customers: risk free orders with fast delivery, quality of service, quality control and British Standards.  At Chic Indah we notice the details.

We only sell online to bring you better prices and to keep the exclusivity of our products.

Bring a piece of Balinese wearable art with you wherever you go.  

Chic Indah - It’s a lifestyle choice

Kind regards,

Nicholas Barooah, Yossie Yoviani
Chic Indah Directors

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