The Chic Ebony
The Chic Ebony
The Chic Ebony
The Chic Ebony

Chic Indah

The Chic Ebony

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With its pitch satin looks The Chic Ebony is for the discerning woman who has an air of mystery to her.   When one enters a room wearing The Chic Ebony people will wonder where such a beautiful piece of handcrafted work came from.  They will wonder what is the intriguing story behind the bag and more so the wearer. Create your allure today with The Chic Ebony.   

Chic Indah - it's a lifestyle choice

Material: Ata Rattan

Measurements: 11" x 3 1/2" x 10 // 28 cm x 9 cm x 25 cm

Buying supports the Indonesian handmade crafts community.  Please show it off and let people know where it came from.

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  • Our bags are 100% handmade therefore may vary slightly in size and detail due to the nature of this item.
  • As part of the production process the bamboo bags are smoked over burning, giving a smoky scent. It's all part of your Chic Indah bag's unique identity ;)